The pioneer Sabine Poupinel is every two years during Copenhagen Fashion Week in August hosting her noteworthy fashion exhibition FAN OUT.

The group exhibition creates a space where both established and upcoming artists meet in an inspiring and creative community and includes talents within design, fashion, performance, music and talks.

Sabine Poupinel is known for her delicate designs and garments, yet perhaps even more so for her contagious spirit and devotion to welcoming new design talents into her boutique.

The FAN OUT exhibition embodies Poupinel’s spirit, focusing on creating interplay between established designers and newfound talents. Poupinel has her experienced fingers on the right spot and has through decades spotted and shouted young comets such as Trine Wackerhausen, Pernille Feilberg, Gudrun & Gudrun and Barbara Í Gongini out in the sphere of Danish design. The vision of FAN OUT is to allow the established designers to lift the upcoming and vice versa. The group exhibition illustrates fashion beyond a show, which makes it a contradiction to the more commercial part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The FAN OUT exhibition is accompanied by scenographer Maja Ziska and light-installator Peter Leander. Furthermore, multi-artist Esben Weile Kjær and Mia Poupinel is curating the performances and music. Talks are hosted by Mette Ohlendorff – head of board at Scenario Magazine, former board member at TEDxCopenhagen. FAN OUT is managed by Matilda Appelin and Anthony Holm. Graphic Design is made by Martin Kozak and in charge of press & communication are Livia Prescha and Amalie Sejersdahl.


Artists exhibiting at FAN OUT #3 (August 2016):
Lærke Valum, Søren Bach, Nicholas Nybro, Christian L’enfant Roi, Jane Kønig, Vibe Harsløf, Martine Jarlgaard London, Louise Egebro, Nikolaj Storm, Shila Gaonkar, Julie Amalie Svensson, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Jan Machenhauer, Niels Gundtoft, Iben Høj & Oliver Sundqvist.


Sponsored by Statens Kunstfond, Post Danmark, Microsoft & DanmarksNationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.

Thanks to Copenhagen Distillery